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After We Fell

TMDB 0.0 Realese Aug 05, 2021

Third movie from the After franchise

MOVIE 94 Min

A Week Away

TMDB 7.0 Realese Mar 26, 2021

Troubled teen Will Hawkins has a run-in with the law that puts him at an important crossroad: go to juvenile detention or attend a Christian summer camp. At first a fish-out-of-water, Will opens his heart, discovers love with a camp regular, and sense of belonging in the last place he expected to find it.

MOVIE 94 Min


TMDB 7.0 Realese Mar 12, 2021

Set in the glamour of the New York and Paris art scenes, gallery owner Brooke Gatwick and her newscaster husband Owen, face temptation, jealousy, twists and mystery when two seductive newcomers enter their lives.

MOVIE 102 Min

Crazy About Her

TMDB 7.2 Realese Feb 26, 2021

After a magical night together, Adri voluntarily turns himself into the psychiatric institution where Carla lives.

MOVIE 84 Min

Mix Up in the Mediterranean

TMDB 8.2 Realese Feb 20, 2021

Twin brothers. One competition. Endless complications.A small-town cook impersonates his big city chef twin to compete in a culinary contest and falls for the woman in charge of the event, who thinks he is the brother who is married.

MOVIE 115 Min

To All the Boys: Always and Forever

TMDB 8.1 Realese Feb 12, 2021

You never know where love will lead you.Senior year of high school takes center stage as Lara Jean returns from a family trip to Korea and considers her college plans — with and without Peter.

MOVIE 102 Min

Squared Love

TMDB 6.4 Realese Feb 11, 2021

A celebrity journalist and renowned womanizer starts to rethink his life choices after he falls for a mysterious model who leads a double life.

MOVIE 104 Min


TMDB 5.6 Realese Feb 05, 2021

Chase something real.A mind-bending love story following Greg who, after recently being divorced and then fired, meets the mysterious Isabel, a woman living on the streets and convinced that the polluted, broken world around them is just a computer simulation. Doubtful at first, Greg eventually discovers there may be some truth to Isabel’s wild conspiracy.

MOVIE 96 Min

The Right One

TMDB 6.3 Realese Feb 05, 2021

How do you choose when he's the same guy?Sara, a novelist struggling with writer's block, needs inspiration — and finds it when she serendipitously meets Godfrey, a down-on-his-luck oddball who constantly changes personas and alter egos in order to cope with his past and avoid reality. Just as Godfrey begins to open up to Sara, he discovers that she’s been using him as inspiration for her next novel, and he vanishes from h..

MOVIE 107 Min

The Last Paradiso

TMDB 6.3 Realese Feb 05, 2021

In 1950s Italy, a farmer's dream of improving workers’ living conditions collapses when he falls for a landowner's daughter. Based on true events.

MOVIE 85 Min

Cam Girls

TMDB 0.0 Realese Jan 30, 2021

Jenna, Kelly and Ness have all found themselves isolated around lockdown. With little to do around the homes, and a lot of time on their hands, the girls interact with one another discussing their new sexual desires becoming unleashed with their partners via the internet. Diving into the world of BDSM, group and infidelity, will the ladies want to go further with these experimental sexual acts when they leave lockdown?

MOVIE 83 Min


TMDB 5.0 Realese Jan 29, 2021

Haymaker follows a retired Muay Thai fighter working as a bouncer, who rescues an alluring transgender performer from a nefarious thug, eventually becoming her bodyguard, protector, and confidant. The relationship leads Sasso's character to make an unexpected return to fighting, risking not only his relationship, but his life. Its a story about human dignity and love.

MOVIE 106 Min

Malcolm & Marie

TMDB 7.4 Realese Jan 28, 2021

Madly in love.As a filmmaker and his girlfriend return home from his movie premiere, smoldering tensions and painful revelations push them toward a romantic reckoning.

MOVIE 84 Min

A Winter Getaway

TMDB 6.2 Realese Jan 23, 2021

When an average guy is gifted a luxury trip, he is mistaken as a millionaire. But then, sparks fly with the lovely concierge. Will she feel the same way about him when she learns the truth?

MOVIE 84 Min

Two for the Win

TMDB 6.3 Realese Jan 16, 2021

A world champion ski racer and local ski instructor find romance on the slopes as he returns home and prepares for the biggest race of his life.

MOVIE 70 Min

The Lift

TMDB 6.2 Realese Jan 15, 2021

On their fifth wedding anniversary, Sitio and Ana start arguing inside an elevator that keeps opening in their same floor. Emotionally and physically trapped, the two will have to work together to find a way out.

MOVIE 88 Min

Love, Lost & Found

TMDB 7.5 Realese Jan 06, 2021

A shallow and slightly clueless social media influencer takes his girlfriend out to the wilderness with the intention of live-streaming "the most epic proposal ever!" But things take an unexpected turn after she slips off the edge of a cliff in order to get that perfect shot. It takes being separated in the wild and overcoming nature's obstacles for them both to realize they just might not meant for each other...while fi..

MOVIE 103 Min

Stars Fell on Alabama

TMDB 6.9 Realese Jan 06, 2021

Successful Hollywood agent Bryce Dixon is returning to Alabama for the first time in 15 years for his high school reunion. When he learns he's the only one of his friends who isn't married with children, he convinces his client, starlet Madison Belle, to pretend to be his girlfriend. But he soon learns that success has different meanings, and romance may be closer than he thinks.

MOVIE 84 Min

Taking a Shot at Love

TMDB 7.6 Realese Jan 02, 2021

Jenna, a former professional dancer, uses ballet to help a hockey player get back on the ice.

MOVIE 102 Min

Wild Mountain Thyme

TMDB 6.4 Realese Dec 11, 2020

There's nothing more dangerous... than an Irish woman in loveHeadstrong farmer Rosemary Muldoon has her heart set on winning her neighbour Anthony Reilly's love. The problem is, Anthony seems to have inherited a family curse, and remains oblivious to his beautiful admirer. Stung by his father's plans to sell the family farm to his American nephew, Anthony is jolted into pursuing his dreams.