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MOVIE 60 Min

Renegades: The Bad Boys of NASCAR

TMDB 0.0 Realese May 29, 2021

A look at the history of renegade drivers in NASCAR and the outlaw spirit ingrained in the sport.

MOVIE 86 Min

Fake Famous

TMDB 8.7 Realese Feb 02, 2021

An unreal social experiment.Explores the meaning of fame and influence in the digital age through an innovative social experiment. Following three Los Angeles-based people with relatively small followings, the film explores the attempts made to turn them into famous influencers by purchasing fake followers and bots to “engage” with their social media accounts.

MOVIE 110 Min

A Glitch in the Matrix

TMDB 6.5 Realese Jan 30, 2021

True stories / False realitiesAre we in fact living in a simulation? This is the question postulated, wrestled with, and ultimately argued for through archival footage, compelling interviews with real people shrouded in digital avatars, and a collection of cases from some of our most iconoclastic figures in contemporary culture.

MOVIE 90 Min

Wendy Williams: What a Mess!

TMDB 0.0 Realese Jan 30, 2021

In this documentary, Wendy Williams, the self-anointed Queen of all Media, sheds her private persona and speaks directly to the camera, discussing every inch of joy and humiliation she has experienced since childhood.

MOVIE 87 Min

There Is No "I" in Threesome

TMDB 6.0 Realese Jan 30, 2021

Someone always gets screwed.The story of Ollie and Zoe, a newly engaged couple who agree to try out an open relationship.



TMDB 7.3 Realese Jan 23, 2021

Salt-N-Pepa details the journey of Queensborough Community College students Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton as they enter the world of rap and hip hop, after recording a song for their friend Hurby Azor. Salt-N-Pepa made a huge impact as one of the first all-female rap groups, changing the look of hip hop and being unafraid to talk about sex and share their thoughts on men. The movie follows the group as they beco..

TVSHOW Avg 30 Min

Pretend It's a City

TMDB 7.3 Jan 08, 2021

Wander the New York City streets and fascinating mind of wry writer, humorist and raconteur Fran Lebowitz as she sits down with Martin Scorsese.

MOVIE 98 Min

Tony Parker: The Final Shot

TMDB 7.2 Realese Jan 06, 2021

The background and career of Tony Parker, whose determination led him to become arguably the greatest French basketball player.

TVSHOW Avg 20 Min

History of Swear Words

TMDB 7.2 Jan 05, 2021

This proudly profane series explores the history and impact of some of the most notorious bad words in the English language.

MOVIE 53 Min

The Minimalists: Less Is Now

TMDB 6.8 Realese Jan 01, 2021

They've built a movement out of minimalism. Longtime friends Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus share how our lives can be better with less.

MOVIE 119 Min

The Dissident

TMDB 8.1 Realese Dec 25, 2020

The untold story of the murder that shook the world.When Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappears after entering Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, his fiancée and dissidents around the world are left to piece together the clues to a brutal murder and expose a global cover up perpetrated by the very country he loved.

MOVIE 85 Min

Between the World and Me

TMDB 7.3 Realese Nov 21, 2020

Based on Ta-Nehisi Coates’ #1 New York Times bestseller and originally adapted and staged by the Apollo Theater, this special combines elements of that production - including powerful readings from Coates’ book - with documentary footage from the actors’ home life, archival footage, and animation.

MOVIE 90 Min

The Real Right Stuff

TMDB 5.4 Realese Nov 20, 2020

The true story of the first Americans in space.The story of America's first astronauts, known as the Mercury 7, told through archival news & radio reports, newly transferred & previously unheard NASA mission audio recordings, and more rare & unseen material.

TVSHOW Avg 67 Min

City So Real

TMDB 0.0 Oct 29, 2020

Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Steve James’ fascinating and complex portrait of contemporary Chicago delivers a deep, multifaceted look into the soul of a quintessentially American city, set against the backdrop of its history-making 2019 mayoral election, and the tumultuous 2020 summer of COVID-19 and social upheaval following the police killing of George Floyd.

TVSHOW Avg 25 Min

How To with John Wilson

TMDB 7.9 Oct 23, 2020

In a uniquely hilarious odyssey of self-discovery and cultural observation, documentary filmmaker and self-described “anxious New Yorker” John Wilson covertly and obsessively films the lives of his fellow New Yorkers while attempting to give everyday advice on relatable topics. The awkward contradictions of modern life are eased by Wilson’s candid, unpolished commentary. Building upon Wilson’s previously released “how to” short films,..

MOVIE 109 Min

What Killed Michael Brown?

TMDB 7.5 Realese Oct 22, 2020

When truth becomes the lie and when the lie becomes truth.Acclaimed writer, Shelby Steele, has long argued that systemic racism is more a strategy than a truth, and that the universal oppression of black Americans is largely over with. But the 2014 shooting of a black teen, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri by a white policeman shook the nation to its core. During Steele’s investigation of Ferguson, America was once again rocked..

MOVIE 77 Min

The Mothman Legacy

TMDB 9.0 Realese Oct 20, 2020

The forests of Appalachia hide an ancient secret...One of the most frightening of American urban myths is the legend of The Mothman, a red-eyed creature seen by some as a harbinger of doom in 1960s rural West Virginia, where sightings of the winged demonic beast were first documented near an old munitions dump known by locals as TNT. Many believe the Mothman to be a 1960’s phenomenon, an omen only appearing before tragedy, and disa..

MOVIE 87 Min

The Perfect Weapon

TMDB 7.0 Realese Oct 16, 2020

Chaos is a click away.Explore the rise of cyber conflict as the primary way nations now compete with and sabotage one another. As fear mounts about how potential cyberattacks will affect 2020 elections in the U.S., the film features interviews with top military, intelligence and political officials and includes on-the-ground reporting from the frontlines of the cyber wars.



TMDB 8.0 Realese Sep 21, 2020

Hollywood, land of the famous, the infamous, the beautiful, the ugly and the WEIRD. Join your Host Dark Infinity on a journey through the dark side of Hollywood on a visit to the California Institute of Abnormal Arts, a chat with adult actress Alana Evans, a look back AND ahead with Breakdance Entrepreneur The Egyptian Lover, a visit with the legendary The Goddess Bunny and more.

TVSHOW Avg 80 Min

The Race to Perfection

TMDB 0.0 Sep 12, 2020

With unseen archive footage and interviews with the sport's greatest names, this Sky original docuseries celebrates the incredible 70-year history of Formula 1.