Blastasaur Squadron Abaranger

'Blastasaur Squadron Abaranger' is Toei's twenty-seventh productio..

Feb 16, 2003 Japan tv asahi


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'Blastasaur Squadron Abaranger' is Toei's twenty-seventh production of the Super Sentai television series, and the first series to use TV Asahi's current logo.The series is based on dinosaurs and explosion. Its action footage was used in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. In addition, episode 10 in nearly its entirety was used for episode 19 of Power Rangers Dino Thunder as an English-dubbed show that the Dino Thunder Power Rangers discover on television.It was the second Super Sentai series that used a dinosaur theme after 'Dinosaur Squadron Zyuranger'.

Original title Blastasaur Squadron Abaranger
TMDB Rating 8
Show Status Ended
Original Language Japanese
First air date Feb 16, 2003
Last air date Jan 25, 2004
Total Views 1
Seasons 1
Episodes 50
Avg. Duration 25 minutes


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